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THIS WEEK's Subject:
*Finding the SOUL* of your doll in photography ... (including a tutorial on making your own backdrop)!

Read below to get started ....


WHY do you want to take photos of your dolls?

The answer will pave the way - to the DEPTH of your involvement in this process. For example ...Sharing with friends? ..... Inclusion in magazines? .....Selling your work?

Many artists will only buy professional equipment - light box, an amazing digital camera, reflectors, and close up lenses.

For others, wanting to record the *SOUL* of your doll in print... a scored piece of foam core, two lamps and a camera phone are ALL you need!

To find your path ... simply check back (here) daily during the lst week in January for new tutorials .. and HAPPY CREATING!

3 Part Tutorial this week ...

Backdrop (see below)

Lighting (Day 2)



1. Buy a black piece of foamcore board. The THICKER kind - tend to be sturdier!

2. Score a groove on one side - and bend in half (or size desired).

3. Spray paper (top) with water mister. This will sag off , leaving the poreous (granite like) texture underneath.

4. I superglued a wood strip along seam to provide support (and keep board in *L* shape).

4. Now sponge Gesso on. Let dry, and responge any spots that are too dark.


**NOTE** for my BLACK/WHITE series customers ...
Doll #2 (End of January)... will be standing on the top step look back over her shoulder, with intricate train falling down steps. Charles is making up a few extra for those interested.


5. To add color to your backdrop, grab a makeup sponge, and DAB on chalk in random, circular motions.

You now have a very pretty backdrop for your setting/doll pictures!

**NOTE** I did a VERY fast tutorial on this - you could chalk the wood - so it wouldn't show in finished photos as well!

I will be online, Tues AM on the list for a little while fielding questions, so until then ...
Happy Creating!