The concept of LIGHT

(DAY 2)

Now that you have created the perfect backdrop for your miniature doll ... its time to understand how to *LIGHT* her.

Harsh - bright light will provide a very clear subject - completely devoid of any spark of human interest (or Soul). Later this week we go into this very subject ... but tonight is all about helping you understand the *lighting* of your subject.


1. Go into the dark bathroom - armed with a flashlight.

2. Turn the flashlight on - and hold it in various positions showcasing your face. (Underneath - is the typical ghost look for example).

3. NOW ... turn on a small light in the bathroom - such as a night light - AND use your flashlight to shine on your face. Is one direction (of light beam) more flattering to your profile then another?

There is a plethora of information on pinterest showing you the EXACT diagrams to light any subject under the sun.

*I* on the other hand, am asking you to open up your *3rd eye* and learn to *SEE* the possibilities of how to light your doll in a way – that brings her to life. 


Until recently - I had two old lights from a thrift store - that threw a nice golden light. Between that (one on either side of the doll) ... and maybe a mirror to bounce a little light on the neck (to avoid those chin shadows) ... it is all I used!

I used to own a light box (perfect white light for the entire subject - and absolutely no SOUL of the figure. Just a perfectly lit miniature doll.

Bottom line - its about finding the correct DIRECTION - to beam your light (think flashlight bathroom). NOT the kind of light - DIRECTION.


DELISA - is shown 2x larger then the actual doll (real life) ... but notice the kind face? it is done thru shadows.

See the beam of light on her hat (left side) that is the angle of the light coming down to make those face shadows.


This is one of the TAINTED MOONLIGHT dolls I did for Julie Clark.

Notice how she has a strong RIGHT directional light ... so that the white of her shirt has a shadow to be against (to view better).

You can also see that I had a small mirror - to bounce light off her head (to showcase the rounded hairstyle).








This was one of my older photos ... but a good example of how I wanted to give a bit of clevage definition to her chest (it was a bit broad for my taste), so by giving her dramatic lighting - it made her seem more realistic.... and (this also helped define her chin).

As you can see - there is a STRONGER right light beam - that is showcased on her other arm - but helps show the porcelain thru the netting.

These are older examples of my work of course - simply click to my GALLERY to see if you can spot the direction of light used for my latest dolls ...

Just remember ...I am NOT aiming for a perfectly lit doll.
I am working with light to provide a magic spark of life in a porcelain figure.

Have fun playing with your lighting ... and