MARCH 2017 Tutorial - 3 curl wavy part

Step #1

Wrap viscose around knitting needle, in the size you want your *wave* of curl to be.

I use a flat iron to clamp on knitting needle
to help dry the hair.

Or you can simply use a clamp (see photo) and let this air dry overnight.



Step #2

Gently spread apart fibers
to get a nice wave.



Step #3

Find a nice groove (or dip) in hair, cut straight across and glue to doll's head. Hold with Tweezers if needed.

Repeat on other side and one on back.
When hair is dry (glued tight to head), gently pick apart curls a bit more to soften and join.


Additional Hints:


Put a line of glue from nose to neck for the part. This can be a center part, offside.

THEN I put the hair on this single line of glue.

WHEN glue/hair is dry ... THEN you can lift up hair and put a bit more glue underneath on doll's scalp to hold hair in place.



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