Black and White Doll Series

65 people signed up (with another 43 individual kit sales). That is over 240 kits! I just finished sending them out - and the last class for Jessa was held this morning 10/2 in the classroom. So the series is completed.

Read below, for the information to include one photo per customer (of the series doll) in my Customer GALLERY section ... of ROMANTIC DOLL PATTERNS (visual dollmaking) hardcover book.

PHOTO's ..

1. Send photo by April lst. Please do not send before - as the MiniatureART website will be taken down and redone during my off month of December 2017, and your photo maybe lost during the process.

2. Every customer that signed up for series - can include ONE photo of ONE doll for book. The number of photos sent - determine the actual printed size of photos in book.

3. BOOK PUBLISH DATE ... As you know - I took 2018 off of my traveling/teaching to focus on finishing my book, and writing my magazine articles. I expect a soft deadline of late spring.

4. Photos should be high resolution to print nicely. Remember this is PRINT not web publication.

5. Your doll kit can be varied slightly. As long as you use the MAIN material, and base pattern (so there is uniformity among entries), the hair, accessories, pose etc can be varied.

ALL in all ... a big new change - which will allow me more creating time - so we all can learn new techniques!

Thank you for your patronage - and HAPPY CREATING!