Basic Tutorials in miniature dollmaking

Adjustable Drawers in 5 steps:

How many times have you wished for an easy way to make drawers (undies, pantaloons etc) for your doll - regardless if she is 1" or 5" tall? Here is a basic, easy and pretty way to make basic drawers that will cover armature and provide a pretty view for those customers that insist on looking under a dolls skirt <G>.

**NOTE** A picture is worth a 1000 words <G>. Simply view them below to fill in any gaps from these directions.

drawer1Step #1: Simply cut a long rectangle (old handkies work wonderful!!) and glue one side edge to the back. Now overlap side edges at the bottom and glue to form a partial tube.

Step #2: Slide tube up dolls leg (as shown) until the armature is covered.

Step #3: Next cut off excess waist material. Glue front and back seam to doll's torso.

Step #4: Lastly gather or glue waist material around waist (UNDER porcelain torso so there is no bulk). Repeat other side.

Step #5: Finish with a glued strip of lace around waist.



As you can see, the tube simulates a sewn custom petticoat quite nicely. AND the porcelain waist is left nice and neat to make a small waistline on dolls dress.

***HINT** tuck up raw edges of petticoat UNDER that porcelain torso to make it a smoother finish. Add a bit of glue around knees to keep bottom of drawers in place (i.e. over the pipecleaner surface).

I also smoothed down any bit pleats and glued flat to leg to make it look more fitted.





**NOTE** after you are finished with one pantaloon leg. Be sure to overlap side edges of the other pantaloon leg in CF and CB for a nice finished edge.








Enjoy making your doll's drawers and feel free to add on ribbons, bows, flowers or any other decoration you want to spice up your new creation!

Happy Creating!