DANA Doll Classes online - Nov 12th, 2018

Buns, Bumps and Braids

Greetings and welcome to the visual guide to making all kinds of buns. The photos below are taken from various tutorials throughout the years (OR OLDIES but GOODIES and still relevant information free to view).

You can TWIST hair into a bun ....

You can twist hair into a bun base to later decorate.
Decorate your bun with tiny braids
Or make the twisty bun over long straight hair.
You can also twist both sides of hair for a different style back bun.

Lastly - The GRACE tutorial showcases a variety of different ways you use curls, buns and pouf to give a doll height.

**NOTE** all information regarding sales is DEFUNCT. This is a tutorial from 2007. I will NOT be teaching or answering questions about GRACE <G>. She is simply my gift to you.


Upcoming Notes ...

After the Couture January theme on the list , the next list project will be MARCH ... and Frontier. I am literally creating a virtual old west town, with a webpage available for each Character. You can choose to be any character you wish. Scarlet Ladies, Church ladies, Sheriff, Cowboy, School teacher, Mercantile, handsome drifter, Stage coach driver ... the list is endless.

More information - will be available end of January. But for those that like to slowly collect props and/or materials ... you now have an March goal <G>.

REMEMBER ... Not EVERYONE can do EVERY project. But by providing a vast array of subjects to you - our members, there is something of interest to everyone - and well frankly - something to plan and look forward to.