EASY Sexy Boots and Bag
by Dana of Miniature Art (August 2002)

Step 1.  Flatten out thin piece of your favorite Sculpy/Fimo/Premo clay.  Put lots of finger print in for texture.  Grab a HIGH leg (as shown - can purchase mold from Jackie - House of Caron) and smooth off excess oils with fingernail polish remover. Step 2.  Flatten piece around foot VERY carefully, pushing in fold lines in front and lots of finger prints for 'leather' look.  This may take you a few tries!  Just remember to keep top edge THIN.
Step 3.  Take scissors and cut excess of back.  Smooth seam with finger.  Take a toothpick and put a couple of creases in front (see above).  Also lift and define boot top rim.
Step 4.  Take a sharp knife and cut away 'sole' to raw porcelain.  Bake boot (to make it even MORE realistic, make a tiny groove into side to represent zipper).  When cool, paint 'sole' black.  WALA!
Step 5.  Cover with Red fingernail polish to give it a more 'patent' look.  Shape a little rectangle for bag, leaving two holes for handle - bake and your lady is all decked out!