THE BOX (aka Rosslyn)

My goal is to teach anyone, anywhere, with any budget the art of making miniature dolls. I was first published in the January 1999 NUTSHELL NEWS issue and have been teaching ever since.

When I first started dollmaking, only patterns existed. Since I don't sew - I revolutionised the concept of seeing (shapes) and creating clothing out of them. I have been teaching around the world ever since. This unique approach has been proven time and again - to creating lifelike humans (frozen in time) ... rather than static dolls.

For those that would like to learn more ... I created this *simply* beautiful doll - using nothing but a handkie (and *shapes*) for patterns. There are no kits or classes - just enjoy the knowledge - and


**NOTE** .....Head/Torso is from the new (2016 Oct) Patricia Rose Ballerina mold. To purchase - or for more information - simply email her at

The head/torso are two entirely different molds. You can attach them at whatever angle you wish. I made Rosslyn looking down.



1. Cut small rectangle out of batiste (or inner part of handkie). Turn bottom edge under to wrong side and one side edge.

2. Glue around doll (on stand) to cover any pipecleaner/assembly.

3. Measure length of skirt desired (from floor to doll's waist) and cut half handkie (width). Turn both pretty side edges and glue on RIGHT side of skirt.

4. Overlap front edges and glue. Gather waist with thread, and put on doll. Tie shut.


**NOTE** ... Head/very pretty torso are nice and petite, and from Patricia Rose. This is the original ballerina mold (I cut the shoulders/arms off for this doll).

I added the long arms from another mold maker, and then in the end, inserted and glued in Dawn Adams fine hands from wrist.





5. Cut small rectangle of lace or silk netting (something soft) and glue around torso. I cut two small shoulder straps out (see photos).

6. Piece cut some of the handkie edges and glue on bodice and skirt (decoration front). Then cut some little strips and put down front for *V* and along raw edges of back bodice. Lastly - cut a rectangle from remaining handkie/lace edge, and drape around her arms/wrists to hide joint.

7. To wig her - I did a simple wigging cross (check out my youtube videos on previous page - LEARN) ... and smoothed down frizzies with a bit of hairspray and fingers. I also had added a few curls from knitting needles set in long hair - but most came out - and I like it this easy way better.