Greetings!  And welcome to the first project of 2003, our New Years DAME.  She is a wonderful torso mold by Parker Levi (sold by Jackie of House of Caron), hands by Gina Bellous, doll by Dana.

Dame is the lst of 2 projects for the next MSATMiniDoll photo contest to be held in early spring.

As always you can use ANY doll or materials you wish, just follow the basic pattern for continuity in contest.  Happy Creating!
Step 1.  Paint and assemble doll, place on stand (for more help in these area's just click to NEWBIE HANGOUT).  **NOTE** if you want boufant hair do, add ball of fimo to top of head as shown in photo, and then bake.

Step 2.  Add thin roll of fimo over each eye for eye lid.
Bake and let cool.  Paint as desired (see photo for example)
and when dry, fray edge of black thread, and glue to inside
lid for lashes.

Step 3.  Cut out gown pattern from black velvet.  Turn under very bottom edges and slit up the front, glue to wrong side and let dry.  Spread light layer of glue on torso, let dry to tacky, lay gown piece
on top, and gently pull excess material to back.  Forming a NICE hourglass shape.  Overlap edges in back, and glue together.  Don't worry about raw edge as coat cover this.  When dress is dry, cut eyelash fringe in half (BE VERY CAREFUL not to cut through)
and glue around slit and top of bodice.  Decorate front of dress
with rhinestones, beads or glitter as desired.  Let dry.

Step 4.  Cut out long jacket pattern, sew from A-B on each side.  Turn right side out and glue fur around entire edge of coat.  The
easiest way to do this is a to put a line of glue on coat, lightly press
fur down and hold between fingers to dry.  Repeat around entire coat.

Step 5.  Wrap small piece of jacket material around arms (these already have pipecleaners attached to them and measured to length desired for realistic armature).   Now put on jacket, and then shove arms through sleeves up into shoulder hole (glue).  Position coat with pins as desired and spray with fabric stiffner.

Step 6.  Wigging...put a line of glue around entire 'boufant' ball on head or wigging hairline.  Lay strip of hair from nose to neck.  When glue is dry, lift up front section and pull to back and twist into bun.  Next take a size 15 knitting needle, wrap with damp viscose, blow
dry, and slide off needle.  Place horizontal line of glue underneath
uplift hair, and gently with a tweezers, lay this cur around edge. 
You may have to make several curls to go around head.  Let dry thoroughly and then pick with a corsage pin to blend.  You can
now add smaller curls for bangs if desired.  Decorate with feathers, beads or flowers (we took a small square of velvet paper, punched circles out of it for faux flowers)...see top photo for example!

f you have any further questions,
please don't hesitate to write me at:

Dana of Miniature Art