Hand painted Flowers - Carolyn Roach
Artisan Feature
Carolyn Roach
Flowers are my passion!   I enjoy making many things in miniature but I am always drawn back to wanting to work with flowers!  I got started (about 5 years ago) by buying a few kits from Ruth Hanky and that was it.

My first flower?  My miniature group was doing Pansies so I started with them.

There is a
huge difference between my first attempts (which at the time I thought were wonderful) and what I am doing now.   I think the main difference is quality of papers and refining my shading and detail painting. Learning to add the extra details that give it realism. I'm always trying to improve and refine my work.

handpaint all my papers and use a wide variety according to the flower for thickness and texture. Then the individual petals and leaves are again painted and shaped to add details and shading.Then the papers are painted with a wash of colours, dried and punched or cut into the shapes I need.

Shadings and details are then painted on each petal and leaf.They are then molded or shaped as required, and
attached to the paper-covered wire stems. Stamens are made from stiffened threads and paint or flocking is added. It can be very time consuming , but worth it all in the end!! Because when you love what you are doing it isn't work.

My business name is Out On A Limb. I was a little overwhelmed at the beginning when people suggested I should start selling my work and the name seemed to fit.

new website will be up by June lst ... but for the moment I show my work through my Webshots album http://community.webshots.com/user/mommaroach..

Dana's note:
Carolyn sent me a wonderful sampling of her gorgeous hand painted - REALISTIC flowers!  I've been sharing them in online classes and kits
as well as using them personally! 

Though our FF is about minidolls (which Carolyn has now branched out in) I also like to share wonderful sources of supplies for our dolls with our readers.... and what better supply then Faeries and Flowers?

And believe me when I say I highly recommend her work and prices to fellow dolliers!