Here's NEW for May/June (2005)
Feature Column
Carmen Welty
Cheryl Clingen's Zulu King is
a wonderful example of her
ethnic work.  To view more...
Gina Bellous
Dolls - Molds - Kits
Jackie provides an incredible source of molds, kits
and supplies.
To start us with what is NEW in magical faeries, I want to share with you ....Doreen Sinnett's new "Chrystal" kneeling Fairy mold!  She is incrediblel!!!    The mold set contains the beautiful Kneeling Body Mold, Chrystal 3/4 length arm mold, and the head mold, which contains 2 faces. One face with open eyes, and the other, half closed eyes.
At her site you can view a tutorial on assembling Chrystal.  Doreen
also has beautiful iron on butterfly wings for all your faeries.  The
beautiful wings can be ironed on to china silk, silk crepe, large
metallic ribbons or fabrics. Each design has a choice of gold metallic
outline or black outline. They can be colored with bright, waterproof
felt pens or fabric dyes, or just left plain.  They are truly stunning!

Doreen also has 3 other new molds available!   She also has a brand
new, all porcelain, leg mold called, "Arial bent legs".  These legs with
fit "Arial" as well as most of Doreens Lady molds. You can see more
of these new molds at

To keep us in the fantasy mood, I wanted to share a tutorial that I found.  It is a mermaid tutorial, and it can be found at ..  I found it very interesting and I love the way she posed the doll on top of the sea chest!

Our own Cheryl C. from Art of Africa  is working on getting her website up and running.  She has one tutorial available on dressing a two inch baby.  It is simple and the results are marvelous!  So go check out her tutorial and bookmark her site for future wonderful new ideas and kits.

Have you heard that we are having  the first annual MINIDOLL CONVENTION!!!  It will be at The Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Orlando Florida, the 10th of December 2005!!!! Mark your calendars now and make plans to attend.  The line up of teachers is very impressive.  The experience will be unique and fabulous!!!!

I found another tutorial on fairy wings!!!!  In the same page you can also see a tutorial on wigging a baby. The tutorial shows you how to make fairy wings with flower petals.  Really great idea, and so easy!! You can find it at 

Donít forget to check all the new and wonderful classes
scheduled at Mini DollU!!!  

Hope Hoover will be teaching a class on creating
an original polymer faery!!!!   The dates for the classes will be
May 7, 9, & 13.  To check her schedule and all other wonderful
classes go to our website.

I found a wonderful new supplier!!!  Kim Murdock is a member
of our minidoll list and is a wonderful doll artist!!  Her work is stunning so make sure to visit her galleries. She recently has completed her website and sells supplies for miniature artists, miniature doll artists and doll artists.  The selections are fantastic!!!


Dana Burton will be teaching a sexy gothic inspired faery and a modern boudoir lady in San Jose, California.   They are gorgeous!!!

(The Boudoir Lady is the same
class being taught in n.Ireland
May 2005, and Durban -
Johannasburg, S.Africa - August)

The dates for the San Jose class
in California....
are July 15th & 16th
contact Kim for details at

Cynthia Howe did a special tutorial on how to *ADD* faery ears to any porcelain doll!
To view ... simply click to her website at

Yolanda (Fantasy in Miniature) Also has some new products!! . Orders need to be prepaid.  You can view these and more wonderful products on her site

hats and wigs stands are $12.50 each..."the hat and the wig is not included".

New Mannequin is $22.00 " Mannequin only undress" come in Pink , light flesh color, white and Lavender,,,same colors for the hat stands.

Here is some fun news from Jackie Caron (House of Caron). 

I have arranged to have some
sample packages made of Silk Wigging Fiber and Alpaca Mohair.  Each package will contain enough to make 1 wig.
This will be a great opportunity for everyone to try these new fibers.
We will be adding these free samples with each order we ship until we run out.
I hope to get 200 or each.
I wanted to let you know that we have been able to
lower the price on our glass eyes on wires.  They were $7.50 a pair but our new price is only $6.00 per pair.
They come in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm.
Colors are: Blue, Brown, Gray and Green.

Another exciting addition will be
new wigs.
1-We'll soon have a new Granny wig with short curls all over the head.
Colors will be Off-White, Salt/Pepper and Brown/Black.
I hope to be able to add this one to our website by April 16th.

In the end of May we'll have a new wig for a modern lady.
2-It is called "Shari" straight hair of medium length which flows gently around the face.
The colors will be: Golden Auburn, Chestnut Brown and Golden Strawberry.

In the end of June we'll have 2 more new wigs. Both for ladies.
3- "Laura" will have her hair swept back with a lot of loose curls at the crown and long sausage curls in the back.
The colors will be Brown/Black, Light Peach Blonde and Carrot Red.

4- The other wig will be called "Nicolette"
This is a short hairdo that will touch the top of the shoulders.
Has loose waves and would work great for so many eras.  Especially a Flapper or modern doll.
The colors will be Golden Auburn, Golden Strawberry and Ginger Brown.

Well thats the column for this issue ... thank you to our sponsors for keeping us updated.... AND.....Lastly....I love hearing about all your NEW ideas, dolls, molds, and tutorials!!!! 

Send all your NEWS to me at and we'll share your exciting news, tutorials and products with our large readership in the minidoll world!
Baby Precious Mold
by Doreen Sinnet

simply click on photo
to view her website.
Just in!!!!
Jackie is taking advanced orders for her 2 heads/one mold wizard and pirate.  25% discount given!!

NEWS 5/1/2005