Fantasy Whispers by Vania Cruz-Perez

Artisan Feature
Vania Cruz-Perez
Fantasy Whispers is the home of many fantasy creatures created by  the artist Vania Cruz-Perez . Each  piece of art with its own unique design is in itself a one of a  kind collectable. Through the artist's inspiration these  masterpieces which include paintings and sculpted artworks are  adorned with fabrics, beads, feathers, brocades, trinkets and a  variety of items to enhance their beauty and add character to each.


I have been creating creative art since I was 10 years old. I always imagined myself being an interior designer or a painter. I have quite a bit of drawings from my childhood as I was always trying to imagine myself in a different world. I loved mermaids and faeries and enjoyed Greek mythology to the fullest. My parents were always very supportive of my artistic inclines and tried to do their best in encouraging me in whatever road I took.

As far as my personality, I'm an easy going person and always try to help where ever I can. I was raised in a very loving home and traveled quite a bit in my opinion during my early age - Cuba, Spain, Portugal, New York and Florida.

Some people think of me as a kind and sensitive person since everything that happens in this world affects me deeply. I'm a dreamer at heart......I read tons of romance novels and believe there's a good in everyone. I love everything mystical and fantasy, that's why I'm here today making the kind of work I do.

My mom has always had dolls in the house. She collected dolls for a very long time and the number went over the 100s. That's why I love them so much, I guess being around them for as long as I can remember did me in. Then I thought why not make dolls of my own? My first attempt at making a doll was about 8 years ago, when a local doll maker in Lake City, FL. was giving classes on making your own porcelain doll. I did my first doll then and gave it to my mom as a present. I do have to say that after that I didn't think of making a doll again until 4 years ago that I attempted to try a new medium called French Porcelain. With this new clay I created "Betsy The Clown".

Then, about 8 months ago I saw these beautiful Faeries made of Polymer Clay by Angela Drake and Judy Riley. This is when the idea sculpting entered my head. I figured that I had tried a clay as my instrument to make a doll before, so why not try this new clay and see what I could come up with.

So far I have done four polymer sculptures and I do have to say that I'm hooked for life. I just love the way the form appears from the clay after so much work is dedicated.

I learned to sculpt by reading books, watching videos and trying online tutorials. I always used the basic idea but needed to learn the techniques.

We wish you the best of luck Vania ... and look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future!  For those that wish to explore more of her work ... simply click to the website listed at the left!

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The unique perspective that we artists have .... is made apparent when interviewing these wonderful feature artists!

How magical to be able to *see* in your minds eye all the fabulous creatures that exist just out of reach of everyday normality?

Major applause to these fantasy  artists and I look forward to seeing more of their work!