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I have a BFA from Defiance College .For fun time, we tend our gardens and enjoy our Japanese Koi fish. I'm a licensed pilot so we can rent a plane and get away from it all, by slipping the surly bonds of earth...for a while any way...until the tanks get low!  Fairies really have it made!

Currently I am making fairies and art nouveau ladies in jewelry. We've just opened a new jewelry store which offers custom and estate jewelry and repair services, all performed by myself. 
Our new store is at Robison's 120 W.Washington St. Napoleon, Ohio 43545  Ph.419-592-1818.

I've been making dolls since 1989 and have always been fascinated by miniatures. I was drawn to dollhouse scale straight away. My first works were in miniature, only to go larger to expand my market. My main focus has been minis though, I love them! There's just something so enchanting and magical about miniature scale.

Each of my dolls are a one of a kind piece that I direct sculpt in my own hand mixed porcelain using clay, silica and glass. I use antique laces and fabrics, do costuming and finish work on every doll. I also create my wigs by hand with a silk and mohair blend. The wings on each of my fairies are real butterfly and cicada wings sealed in a protective plastic coating.

My dolls have been featured in several magazines. In 'Dolls', the October 1999 Virtuoso Gathering edition, the January 1999 Fantasy Issue, the August 1999 Brush with Greatness issue, and a feature article was written about myself in the March-April 1996 issue. My dolls have also been seen in 'Contemporary Doll' in the February-March 1999 Gallery section with her Snowflake Ballerina, 'Doll Collector's Price Guide' Autumn 1997 in the article on miniatures, 'Doll World' February 1997 'Fairy Children', and 'Dolls in Miniature' Winter 1995 issue. Contemporary Doll Dec 2004. Mystic Warrior in the book  "Finishing the Figure  by Susanna Oroyan.

Lola and Lysette are both 5" and  are part of my pin up series.I have a basic body shape mold I use,but have to direct sculpt the details from there.I use the mold so I can pour a hollow model to be able to string her. If they were solid porcelain,it would be hard to assemble them and the uneven thickness would make them more susceptible to cracking and warping.Plus they would be too heavy to balance on miniature furniture. The sofa is from a miniature store,it's actually upholstered wood,it's really a realistic look.

I don't think of pin ups as porn ,I think they're empowering to a point.  Strong yet sexy, like we'd all like to be.  I think they're glamorous.  Years ago you'd see pin up art in advertising, it wasn't just calendars on the back wall of auto mechanic shops.

The picturetrail site has my more current works, jewelry and etc. I like Picturetrail as I can upload pix on it, it's great for the html impaired like myself. My webmistress disappeared into cyber space so I can't update my original site. I guess I need to find a 10 year old, bribe him w/ a pizza to hack my site and put a link to picture trail on it!



A fine example of Cheryl Clingen's ethnic dolls.  To see more of her work or contact her directly, simply click
Cheryl Clingen - Africa