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You must get them all correct in order to win. You may send in as many entries as you like, but only 1 of your correct answers will be put in the “hat”  The winner drawn from that.

Good luck and….. Thanks for reading!
Cheryl C

Identify the Needles – fill in the blanks, and you stand a chance to win the shoe kit!             

The pink thing is an automatic needle threader. You can use it for threading smallish eyed needles. Tiny eyes wont work, and large needles wont fit into the tower.

Let’s go through some of the more interesting needles. I’m sure everyone knows what a bead needle looks like, long and thin. Well, I needed something very thin to pin a sheer pink silk fabric, and all the pins left holes which I had to painstakingly coax back into shape. Someone told me to try bead needles. I did, and the worked fabulously, but I kept making holes in my fingers when pushing them into the polystyrene, and couldn’t grip them to pull them out.  Light bulb moment- I superglued a large silver bead over the eyes of the needles, and …. problem solved.

The pins with the colored flat plastic heads are actually lace pins – hold the lace in place and the flat end stops any lacy holes from escaping the pin. I use them a lot for draping as well. They are long and thinner than normal pins.

Darning needles of course, have a rounded tip instead of a sharp tip. Great for gathering thicker and loosely woven fabrics.

To be honest, I thought the surgical needles would be great to use, but I haven’t mastered the art yet. If anyone can tell me, let’s hear from you.  I know a doctor lady who hems her clothes with these needles, and refuses to use a straight one. There must be a secret.

Here are some close-ups of the needles needing identification for the contest.

This 'n' That
This 'n' That is a new column in Frills and Fancy written by Cheryl from South Africa.

What better time to begin a new column with a competition?

The prize is a wonderful man's lace-up shoe kit with full instructions. The shoes are free-standing and are not put onto a doll's feet.