Frills & Fancy ezine
by Else Daniel


Fabric of your choice. Silk and cotton is best, but I have used many different kind of fabric.
HeatnBond  Ultra hold Iron-on adhesive.
Fusible buckram.
Ribbons, Braids, feathers for trimming.

Tools: Round form for the crown about 5/8" or " in diameter  (lipstick case, plastic bottle
top lid or similar).
For the brim use a suitable round shape about 2 " in diameter or smaller, again the top from hairspray etc. Scissors, (nail scissors are useful) tacky glue, tweezers, cocktail sticks

1.Cut a piece of HeatnBond slightly larger than the size of the brim measurement, and bond the
fabric together. Follow direction on packet.

2.Measure the circumference of the crown form (I use a piece of paper) make a rectangle circumference plus desired height. Use that pattern to cut a piece of buckram for the side crown. Next use the Crown form to draw a circle on the buckram ( cut it slightly inside the line or it will be to big) iron those patterns to the fabric leaving  about " seam allowance around except at the bottom of the crown side where you leave a double length piece of fabric to be turned inside the hat as lining later on.

3.Next glue the " seams on the side crown down on one side and at the top. Mitre the corner and trim extra fabric to make a flat corner. Put glue on the neatened short side only where it is stiffened with the buckram. Leave lining piece loose. Join to a ring shape so the  buckram meets without overlapping. Leave to dry.

4.Cut notches in the crown top and put on top of small form. Take the prepared  side and gentle push it down over the top crown(it take some practise and it help to turn the lining up to the outside of the crown side) .When it is halfway down put some glue inside the side piece right at the top and let it dry a little and pull it all the way down to  the top crown and  make it level. When dry put a little glue inside the hat and smear it around (use a cocktail stick or similar) and push the lining part of the sidepiece inside the hat, be sure some of it reaches the top of the crown.

5.Now take the bonded piece of fabric and draw a circle from the larger shape and use the smaller one to draw a circle in the middle (the placement can be varied if you wish the brim to be larger on one side etc.) Don't cut the middle hole to big it wont fit tight enough to the crown. Put a little glue inside the top of the crown and  take the middle bit you cut out from the brim and cover the raw edges of the lining inside the brim.

6.Put the crown back on the small form and ease the brim onto the crown smearing a fine line of glue at the bottom of the crown. Remove everything from the form and level the bottom edge.

7.Now all there is left  is trimming the hat as you wish.