Greetings!  And welcome to our September FF - Pirate tutorial! 

Dana Burton, 418 Jackson St, Sheboygan Falls, WI  53085 USA -

1.  Assemble doll as desired and paint shoes.  **HINT** - after you paint the boots black ... and you notice you have a TINY crooked line - take out your black permanent sharpie marker - fill in the gap - cover whole boot with a light coat of fingernail polish and WALA.  Perfectly lined boots!

**HINT** we spray painted out doll stand 14kt ygold as earned as a Pirate with booty.  PLUS it does look really awesome!!

Paint shoes, assemble doll - making sure to wrap legs nicely as these need a shape under pantaloons!  Don't glue on doll stand until AFTER you make her breeches/pantaloons.

2.  Cut out pantaloon/breeches pattern from white cotton.  I used a blend of poly/cotton to give it some bulk (shape).  Turn under bottom hem and glue to wrong side, glue on gathered lace.  Sew from hem to crotch and turn right side out.  Glue pantaloon  on doll and add pins for pleats/placing as desired.  Repeat with other side.  **HINT** to give shape besides pins while drying ... wrap a pipcelaner around leg.

3.  Cut out corset top from silk in contrasting color from your jacket.  Carefully turn under all edges to wrong side for finished edge.  Match edges in back and trim off excess then glue shut. 

Now take lace and fill in bodice as desired.  I cut JUST THE TIP of the  lace off for this to give a pretty yet sexy look.

Then grab an index card - cut out a triangle and glue to wrong side of brocade design.  Cut out card from brocade with just enough extra material to turn to back and glue flat.  Now glue to her chest and trim as desired.

4.  Cut out coat pattern from red silk.  Turn under very bottom edge to wrong side and glue.  Turn under both front seams to wrong side and glue.  Put wrong sides together and sew from hem to cuff.  Turn right side out.  Glue braid around jacket and cut two small strips of brocade out for cuffs ... turn both edges under to wrong side and glue.  Now clue cuff on raw edge of sleeve.  **HINT** I glued on 7mm red silk ribbon inside front of coat and hem on wrong side to face incase the *wind <G>* blew.   Attach doll to doll stand, and then slide coat on.  **NOTE** lapel and neck is still unfinished.

5.  Lapels & Collar... take braid and glue around neck in back for collar, extend down front a bit.  Cut out two triangles for lapels and glue on front.  We used cotton velveteen and lightly ran clear fingernail polish along edges to seal.

Now is time to decorate as desired.  For basic wigging directions, click to our TUTORIALS page on the


STORM gratis tutorial for you compliments of the minidoll mission!