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Frills & Fancy ezine
by Else Daniel

1.Glue braid , bunka or other trim around the bottom of the crown to cover the edge between the crown and the brim Next glue trimming around the edge of the brim, also  under the brim where crown is attach to brim covering the edges.

2.After that the fun part start. I find you can use so many different things to decorate the hats "anything goes" .I usually start gluing some flowers on, using small clamps or pins to hold them down until glue is dry. Then I make a  bow (I use a bowmaker) find some feathers, glue them on first and glue  the bow where the feathers start usually at the back of the hat. Sometimes I use net and beads which I usually stitch on.

3.You can use contrasting colours or matching colours all depending on your taste.

Directions for HeatnBond:

1. Pre-heat dry iron to silk setting. Place heatnbond paperside up on wrong side of fabric.Glide iron across paper side for 1-2 seconds.
2. Allow fabric to cool,then peel of backing. Adhesive should appear milky in colour. Shiny, clear adhesive is a sign of overheating.

3. Place fabric right side up in desired position and iron for 4-6 seconds 

For more ideas have a look at my website : http://elmie1.tripod .com where you will find many different hats.