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Enjoy the free back issues of FF... complete with artist listings, techniques, tutorials, and downloads. **NOTE** I have edited some of the outdated content - and all issues have been renovated to a nice, easy to read tutorial issue.

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Spring 2008 - Camelot - AWESOME! Fall 2008
Fall 2009 (pdf file) Christmas 2010 (large pdf file)

Questions & Answers ....

On a Budget and still want to make dolls?
A. Go to your local thrift shop, garage sale or estate sale. There you can find sewing and craft supplies at a fraction of the cost. Also laces, trims and cotton/silk clothing you can cut up to use.
B. Download the tutorials in the archive section (free).

I want to SHARE my experience
A. Join our MDL (www.minidollLIST.com). 1500+ members and postings daily. Free forum for you to email questions and receive answers from a knowledgable member base. All are welcome!

Where do I find the Current Tutorials?
A. Because this is a teaching site, not a store ... simply sign up for my newsletter to view upcoming tutorials and classes (live and online).

B. Our 2015 & 2016 Tutorial CD's are available for immediate download or physcial DVD here.