Comtesse Julienne
(Regency Project) by Dana of Miniature Art - Spring 2002
The Comtesse Julienne....

A lady of mystery who purports to be from France, Juliana is enchanting.

She claims to be a widow whose family claimed refuge in England after the French Revolution, and has gentile manners of the highborn, but the gentlemen who soon buzz about her find her to be a trifle exciting, and do
we dare say... perhaps a bit 'fast'?!  She claims not to be interested in alliance as so many of the milk-and-water misses are, but in liaison...
enough to make the heart of any unattached gentleman beat faster, as well as the hearts of some of those who are _not_ gentlemen...

With the atmosphere of hostile suspicion against the French, in particular Bonaparte supporters, and the contradictory sympathies in many memories for
the recently ill-fated Marie Antoinette, Juliana inspires mixed feelings among the Ton, especially the women, who either sponsor her under their wing as a victim, or cattily vilify her if one of their men is involved.

Dressed to the 'nines' in an evening ensemble complete with the turban which cries 'exotic!' in what is purported to be the latest from Paris, she respresents the coming fashion.

Janet Washer (author)


Step #1.  Take a styrofoam cone, stick torso into it, and measure 5 1/2" from top of head to feet.  Take Fimo and sculpt/bake cone (for dress form STAND). Step #2.  After gluing fimo stand into cone, again press in torso to adjust height if necessary.  Set aside to dry.  This is our pinning dress form for the outside dress and decorations.


Step #3.  Create the shoe drying stand out of fimo and toothpicks.  Paint shoes desired color, and let dry.  I painted with a VERY light wash of blue and then used iridescent fingernail polish to give more of a 'leather' sheen.
Step #4.  Assemble doll.  Make a small tube out of batiste, and glue lace around bottom to just peak under dress.  Gather waist and tie shut for underskirt (hides doll assembly) Step #5.  Pleat your dress material LIGHTLY in 1" pleater.  The idea is just to give a little movement to the material, NOT press in pleats!

Step #6.  Cut out piece of material that measures 3 3/4" x 7" when hemmed.  Now gather top, and slide over your pinning cone.  Pleat contrasting silk ribbon and glue around the bottom.  Pin to styrofoam as needed to achieve form.
Spray with light coat of hair spray.
Step #7 - Glue on front trim of ruffled silk ribbon. Step #8 - Glue on decorate braid over silk ribbon.  Slide off form and onto doll. Step #9 - Gather waist very tightly, add a bit of glue underneath on torso to help secure and let dry.


Step #10 - Cut a bodice piece out of your dress material, approx size 3" x 1/2", turn under bottom edge and glue. Step #11 - Put a line of glue around torso and wrap bodice around, meeting ends in back and glue.  Tie a black waist band around torso. Step #12 - Take a 3" x 1 1/2" piece of lace, and glue to torso, bending over top edge to form collar.  Cut off excess lace along bodice line.
Detail of back of lace (simply cut of excess lace where blue bodice starts, and glue down to bodice.  Cover raw edge with trim. Step #14 - Glue on decoration as desired with trims, pleated silk, pearls etc.  These photos are only meant as a GUIDE - have fun! Step #15 - Sleeves...make small tube of batiste, approx. 2" x 1 1/2", slide up arm.  Wrap with pink ribbon and apply lace as shown. 
Step #16 - Glue on pearls, decoration,  as desired. *NOTE I made the sleeves FIRST then inserted into the doll body. Step #17 - Pin a little movement into skirt, and spray with hair spray.  Also pose the hands. Step #18 - Back view of dress.


Step # 19 - Pleat a section of black viscose in  1/2" pleater.  Wrap around head and glue down. Step #20 - Make tube out of lace (with batiste lining).  Glue around head as desired.  Gather top. Step #21 - Squish down as desired and glue in place.  When dry add accessories as, pearls, beads etc.
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