Lynthea is a wonderful period kit that is currently on sale
in the clearance kits (10/20/08) for $25!!  Dana of
The following are basic directions for re-creating Lynthea.  This is an old tutorial kit - but still a very pretty doll and excellent use for wide embroidered ribbon.
Step 1 - assemble doll, paint shoes, attach doll to doll stand.  Cut small rectangle for petticoat and glue on.
Step 2 - pleat center of rectangle for petticoat.  Gather top.  Form tube, slide on doll's waist and sew shut
Step 3 - cut out skirt, glue embroidered ribbon and trim to edges, gather and sew on doll as shown
Step 4 - cut out velvet bodice, wrap around torso glue.  Now glue embroidered ribbon to front of bodice
Step 5 - add bit of ruffle to bodice to soften.  Cut out sleeve and gather tightly with tiny draw stitches and attach to arm.  Now cut out velvet sleeve - gather top and sew on doll.  Slide arm into chest cavity and glue.  Cut tiny strip of embroidered ribbon and glue around top to cover raw edges.  Repeat with other side.
Step 6 - decorate as desired.