Miniature Art ( - reposted from a December 1999 tutorial -


Materials Needed:
-Santa Doll Body
-white wavy hair (or Viscose you pleat)
-fimo to sculpt world boots
-white cotton material (skirt)
-wide lace for underrobe
-millennium material
-trim as desired
(we used grey cord for belt
and grey material to match)



Step 1.  Find a wooden base to support your creation.  I used a round 4" across wooden circle.  Next find a long nail and pound through so point is sticking up.  This will be your doll stand.

Step 2.  Cover entire base with SnowTex (or other snowlike paint).  When almost dry, gently sprinkle on light dusting of ultra fine glitter.  I used a cheap disposable brush for easy cleanup.  One **TIP** to remember is NOT to paint on, but gently PAT on, even with chunks to not look fake.  Make sure to go beyond the edge a bit, to 'drape' a blob here and there.

Step 3.  While that is drying, lets sculpt our 'world boots'.  These are made from ladies contemporary pumps (because adding fimo, men's legs were too heavy looking for the 'jester' type of boot that I wanted).  First take out any color fimo (will be painted).  And take a small snake and add it to boot toe (see directions).  I only used black for photographic reasons.  Bake.  When cool, make 3 thin triangle pieces, and adhere to top of  boot (you can make high boots or low - only your imagination is the key).  Bake.  When cool, glue small wooden bead on top of curled toe for 'world'.  **TIP** I used a mixture of glue and superglue to hold this to fimo.  Let Dry. 

Now lets take and paint our whole boot to match material.  I painted mine blue.  Add designs as desired.  Paint 'world' silver with land markings (or as desired).  Spray with clear mat acrylic paint to seal.  Add a coat of fingernail polish (clear) if shiny look is desired.  **TIP** to give it the sparkle mine has, I painted my design, added just a SMALL shake of ultrafine glitter, and then sealed.  **OR** try a small dab of fabric paint for added glitzy appeal.

Step 4 - Construct Santa.  Grab your styrofoam cone with head/toros glued on top (I pushed in a thick waistline also) and grab each leg, put a mixture of tacky and superglue in hole then shove in a toothpick.  Now shove this toothpick into bottom of cone and add a drop of glue for good measure.  Slide onto nail and he's attached!  **HINT paint nail white so it blends in with snow better - or simply cover with snowtex.

Ok - side note here - in case you make BOO BOO's...just paint over boot to cover glue marks....paint white over snowtex to cover boot paint.  Lower or raise height of gown simply by cutting off bottom edge of styrofoam.  The key note here is to remember to make him 6" total height!

Step 5 - He's getting clothes!!!   Under Robe - take a piece of white batiste (or cotton) and make a rectangle approx 2 1/2" x 9".  (remember size will vary depending on length you want and where your 'hips' are on the doll.  Now put a thin line of glue around doll, and smear.  Let get tacky and start finger pleating, pinning each pleat into place (see photo).  When satisfied with pleats (the idea is to look like natural folds of an undergarment) glue down pleats so they are close to the body.

Next take a 2 1/2" x 4" rectangle and glue lace on bottom edge, and then next layer up just a bit (or as desired).  Pin/finger pleat these into place.  When satisfied with look, glue. 

Faux shirt - take 2 1/2" x 1" rectangle and glue over top of pins from 2nd layer and up to mid-chest (see photo).  Keep in mind your sizes may vary depending on size and shape you made of styrofoam cone.

Bottom line.  2 skir layers, overlapping.  One faux shirt strip.

Cummberbun - cut rectangle out of linen like material, fold both edges inward and glue (forming finished edges).  Wrap around doll's waist and glue down (pin in back if necessary to achieve smooth look).  Now double wrap belt cord around waist to achieve cummberbun look.  I frayed the edges of the cord to make it look like tassles.  The idea is to cover top of skirt and bottom edge of faux shirt.

Step 6.   Robe.  Cut a rectangle 4" x 8" out of Millennium material.  Turn under very bottom edge and glue.  Now turn under both side edges to wrong side and glue.  Hand pleat piece around body to about chest height. 

Next cut two 2 1/2 x 2 1/2" squares out.  These will be your sleeves.  Turn under very bottom edge to wrong side and glue.  Next turn over one side edge and glue on top of other raw edge forming a tube.  Slide up dolls arm and gather, tie shut.  Don't worry about shoulder raw edges, this will be covered by his shoulder cape.  Repeat for other arm. 

Last Step!  The Cape.  This will vary depending on your santa height, and if you desire a hood.  There really isn't a pattern for this.  Just cut out a 1/2 circle.  Glue fur trim around the entire outside edge. 

When dry, fold cape in 1/2. Glue front edges together, leaving a slip for his face to poke through.  Put this on doll.  Run a gathering stitch around neck and wala!  Instant hood.

Decorate, and accessorize as  desired!  Can't WAIT to see your photos!  Big Hug and Happy Holidays! 

Dana of Miniature Art