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Wigging's *Secrets, Hints and How To's*

Greetings and Welcome to the Newbie Hangout. This website was developed to provide a firm foundation for those that are new to creating miniature dolls, especially hairing (wigging).

On the left you will see the *LINKS* column. Provided in this column are many many free tutorials, class notes and video forms of instruction.

If you would like to continue your education, we offer free online classes (wigging 101 series). And a wonderful Master Wigging CD filled with hours and hours of pdf tutorials on creating different looks.

Wigging pix


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Ever wonder how you can get really nice smooth hair like this? Check out the wigging video (conditioning viscose) under the *LINKS* section.



The perfect way to make tendrils or loose spit curs, is simply mist a small strand of viscose, wrap around long darning needle. Slide off curl while sitll damp, and let air dry.

(see how the tight ends are perfect for spit curls and the middle could be soft tendrils across the back of her head, or coming out of a bun?)

This is the way to make soft, natural curls.



Melony is the basis for our wigging 101 class. Simply click on photo to view her wonderful tutorial pdf.