Greetings!  And welcome to the new doll in our 'FIRST DOLL' series here at the Newbie Hangout! 

You can't get more basic... with minimal steps and pattern pieces.  Just a nice looking, honey of a doll sculpted by our very talented Cindy Howe

Enjoy and Happy Creating!
Doll Dressing Tips
Dana of Miniature Art's
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Teddy & Me - lst doll Series
Find a chair you'd like doll to sit on for ease of posing.  **HINT we found this chair at a dollar store, sewed two pillows from hankies/foam padding, glued to chair and darkened with blush for a bit of 'aging'.
Step 1.  Assemble Doll.  Click here to see basic directions.  Next make pantaloons out of two tubes, slide up legs and sew/glue around waist.

Step 2.  Cut out skirt pattern, make into tube and gather waist.  Sew around doll's waist adding bit of glue underneath to hold.

Step 3.  Cut out bodice, fold in half, and glue edges together at top so finished edge goes around waist.  Wrap piece of lace around upper chest/neck.  With ends meeting in back, glue to body.

Step 4.  Cut out two sleeves
, make into tubes, put on arms, add lace as desired.  Now position doll on chair, and either glue or spray material so it lays nicely.  Let dry.

Step 5.  WiggingLay one strip of viscose from nose to neck.  Add a line of glue from ear to ear.  Now lay one strip of viscose over glue (ear to ear).  Let dry.  When dry, lift up front section, twist to back into bun, glue to head.  Cut off extra hair and add bow.