Greetings to our *oldies* but GOODIES Page!

30 years of teaching miniature dollmaking has made for a virtual *student* library of techniques, tutorials, videos and downloads.  Enjoy the 200+ gratis tutorials, and don't hesitate to share this link with your friends.  Our goal is simply to provide inspiration for your dollmaking muse -- no matter what your level of experience!

Please know that some of the links may now be defunct (and old classes/kits are not for sale). These are all OLD versions of my work <G> ... but I find valuable hints and tips all the time by going back and reading.

(don't forget to.... ) Scroll down to bottom of page for picture tutorials on various tips.

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Questions & Answers ....
1. HELP? I don't know where to start.
A. Take a deep breath, and we can do this together! The first thing you need is a doll body. You can either sculpt one yourself. Buy a Christmas ornament doll and remove her clothes OR you can email me about buying full doll kits/patterns.

B. While you are waiting for that doll kit, time to find the doll creating supplies.  Here is EXACTLY what we use .... (**NOTE** we treat our dolls as pieces of stationary art - they do NOT have removeable clothing).

glues-Aileens Original Tacky Glue
-Curved Glue Syringe (and bit of Styrofoam to hold it upright)
-Gel Superglue (we use Zap a Gap)
-Small and large sharp scissors
-Needle, pins and various threads
-Tweezers (long, thin and curved)
-Needlenose pliers (to pull sleeves and other items outright)
-Papertowel (both for cleanup and to cut pattern pieces for testing)
-Pipecleaners for armature (small and large size)
-Medical wrap (found in Pharmacy section) for doll body padding
-100% cotton balls for giving shape (i.e. tummy, or butt or hips) to your doll
-Various laces, materials for making your doll (natural fibers/close woven work best)
-Viscose for wigging
(the supplies needed for wigging can be found here)

2.  On a Budget and still want to make dolls?
A. Go to your local thrift shop, garage sale or estate sale. There you can find sewing and craft supplies at a fraction of the cost. Also laces, trims and cotton/silk clothing you can cut up to use.
B. Download the tutorials in the archive section (free).
C. Buy the 2015 Tutorial CD.. Your 14 dollmaking tutorials/patterns will cost under $2
each.  Not only is this a great bargin, but it helps support our dollmaking tutorial efforts here.

3. I want it NOW!
A. Subscribe to our YOUTUBE videos (free)
B. Download the instant WIGGING CD ($15) with literally days and days of instruction

C.. *LIKE* us on Facebook for a chance to win a free instant tutorial/pattern page link or class

4.  I want to SHARE my experience
A. Join our MDL ( 1500+ members and postings daily. Free forum for you to email questions and receive answers from a knowledgable member base. All are welcome!

5.  How do I find out about MORE wigging
A. Simply click to the website for many free tutorials

Misc Photo/Hints

Take your favorite fine metallic trim, super glue around dolls neck and go over top with glitter nail polish for incredibly fine - and artsy mesh collar necklace. Try it in variation for armor too!


Did you know if you want to take an ordinary feather, and add PEARL EX to it - it turns into a peacock feather?