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~Loose Clip Method~
This is a reposting of an older how to
Greetings!  Today's Wigging Wednesday Hint is on Body Hair - using my 'loose clip' technique.  This is great for chest hair, arm hair, leg hair (as shown) and other 'uh' unmentionable places for those bordello scenes! 

This technique is taken from my 'Ole West' Patterns in miniature book.
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Step 1 - Make a sausage curl from viscose (see basic wigging techniques).  When TOTALLY dry, cut off small chunk (see illustration above).  Then cut horizontally and vertically until you achieve the fine, almost flock like texture shown in photo. 

Step 2 - Spread glue lightly on area desired - let dry until tacky.  Next gently pick up small section of cut hair and lightly 'sprinkle' on glue. 

Step 3 - Repeat Step 2 until area is entirely covered!  Enjoy....

**HINT** This is EASY but does take a little experimenting to get desired results.  Too much hair and its difficult to get off without looking chunky.  Too little and it looks like is dust on your porcelain.

**HINT*** Use way more light color for same results as dark color

**HINT** Use Aileens Tacky Glue.

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