I'm not a big fan of wasted effort, and as I've honed my own doll creating skills, I've done so by figuring out the quickest way to accomplish my design goals while still generating a realistic figure.

One of the advantages of being new, is trying the various artists techniques, and either combining them or picking the best one for you.  There has never been a better time to surf the net for tutorials ... or a better chance to view other artists work to be inspired!  With this in mind...lets begin
Doll Dressing Tips
Dana of Miniature Art's
Pipecleaner Method
This is the base method I use, and then either wrap with gauze or sculpt body parts on with fimo.  Keep in mind, there are 3! sizes of pipecleaners...1) the tiny ones actually used for pipes, 2) the craft ones of medium width, 3) the extra thick ones found in specialty craft stores. 

Step 1.  Twist 2 or 3 pipecleaners together.  Fold in half and insert torso on top and a leg on each end.  Measure and cut off pipecleaner ends until desired height is reached.  I make ladies 5 1/2-5 3/4" tall, men 6".  Children vary depending on build...just keep cutting until legs look right.

**HINT** to make men have a better outline for tailored pants,
be sure to give Tthem 'hips' via pipecleaners. Twist 4 pipecleaners,
seperate at waist and bend into two legs.

Step 2.  Fill in with gauze (by wrapping and adding 100%
cotton for chest, stomach, butt).  I use the gauze found in
the medical section of Walmart.  Its 100% cotton. 

Some advantages to the gauze method........ 1)sew various items of clothing to doll body...gather  waist and pull tight...thus creating a TINY Victorian waist
.......2.  Use little tacking stiches onto body (through clothes) to form realistic draping folds....3) It's quick <G>!

Step 2A.  Fill in body shape with fimo/sculpy (I use Sculpy III to match Seeleys French Bisque exactly)... You can use this to fill in gaps between full legs
and hips as seen to the right....or add on thighs to half legs...or a bigger
bust line...or a stomach to men dolls such as our
Egyptian Pharoah.  If you
feel insecure about sculpting the stomach yourself, and happen to have an
old body mold laying around simply press fimo into mold for details.

     **HINTS** to help hide the fimo/porcelain
       line (photo to right is a porcelain leg to
       below knee) add stockings and you
       won't be able to see.  For bodices, a
       sheer mesh works wonderful!

Used THICK pipes
These are Medium